Safer Communities Torbay (SCT) is a Community Safety Partnership made up of the following statutory agencies:

Our Community Safety Partnership is a group of senior officers from each agency who are responsible for working together, in partnership, to help make Torbay safer. When they meet they form the Stronger Communities Board.

Community Safety Partnerships (CSP) exist by law (Crime and Disorder Act 1998)

What we do

Lots of different organisations, agencies and community groups work hard to help prevent crime, support victims of crime and to help those who commit crime to change. Community Safety Partnerships aim to bring people together when that’s needed (i.e. when a problem needs a group or partnership approach).

Each CSP is different to reflect its own local priorities and the needs of their communities. CSPs work very closely with Police and Crime Commissioners. Many CSPs are responsible for a wide range of activities. By law CSPs have to:

  • Establish a strategic group to direct and oversee the work of the partnership
  • Regularly engage and consult with the community about their priorities
  • Establish information sharing protocols and systems
  • Analyse a wide range of data including recorded crime levels and patterns to identify priorities within an annual strategic assessment
  • Produce and deliver a ‘partnership plan’ and strategy
  • Produce a strategy to reduce reoffending
  • Produce a strategy to tackle alcohol and substance misuse
  • Commission domestic homicide reviews
  • Ensure that specific pieces of work are carried out in partnership such as the delivery of Organised Crime Local Profiles
  • Various duties under Prevent (which aims to prevent people from being drawn into violent extremism)
Community Safety Partnerships
A brief introduction to Community Safety Partnerships and how they work across Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Using information to inform our work

A document called the Torbay Strategic Assessment explains what the priority areas are for the CSP and why they’re so important. It also explains how the priorities were highlighted as key issues for the area. The key priority for Torbay’s CSP is:

  • to prioritise our resources to address the crime causing the most harm to residents, visitors and businesses within Torbay, and to work together to protect the most vulnerable people in our communities.

There is also a Peninsula Strategic Assessment which is a ‘snapshot’ of crime and disorder across the whole of Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.